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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Cuhzin! I did it. I finally started my first blog in 2018. I’m so proud of myself(whoop whoop!). It’s been a long time coming I can tell you that much. The idea came to me when I started homeschooling my children. I wanted to document our journey and methods etc. I got discouraged when I saw that it was already being done. I moved on from the idea for a few years. One day I decided to put my electronics aside, meditate, and trust my mind to guide me in whatever was next for me. The blog idea came again. I acted on it and here I am. Who cares what others have to offer. They ain’t me! 😉 To pay for the fees associated with starting a blog I started delivering groceries. I have been home full time for about 3 years now and working for my own money to pay for my own project was very satisfying. What’s something you did for yourself that made you feel proud?

*Quick disclaimer. I don’t know about your other cuhzins, but I use plenty profanity ’round here. Shoot. I use profanity at home too. My children know they’re welcome to when they become adults. #judgeyamammy K?!

My life is all over the place ALL the time. I’ve recently become okay with that by practicing being present. Besides, who wants a cookie cutter life anydamnway? I am growing, evolving, obtaining new knowledge, sharing my knowledge (cause knowledge ain’t shit if you ain’t sharing it), wifing, mommying,entrepreneuring, and whatever the hell else I need to be on the daily.

I absolutely enjoy putting my own spin on things. Food, DIY projects, crafts, recipes, home remedies, commentary, hell just about anything. I guess it’s my therapy. Being a creator.

You know, I’ve always wanted (still do) to be in the company of REAL women (especially if they look like me) who aren’t afraid or ashamed to share their life lessons or struggles with other women. Like, cuhzin?🧐 We can’t grow through this together? I share what worked for me or you share what worked for you and we go from there. I believe women should be each other’s safe haven. Damn all that competing and catty bull jive.

Thank you for being here with me. If you have any questions, drop them in the reply section. If it’s private, my email addy is It’s open 365. 🤗

Man! I’m looking forward to the day that I can have an e-family reunion and all the cuhzins come and we enjoy each others company. All the jits, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, everybody. **Disclaimer: Some posts may include links where I earn commissions. There is no cost to you for using them.