We Were In A Car Accident

Errrrrrrrrrrr boom! Like, was I really thinking that sound was heard only on cartoons? Yeah, I was. I guess I’ll accept the “donkey of the day” award for that one. 😩😩

The emotions my children are going through is very heartbreaking. Ain’t no telling how long they’ll be traumatized by this unfortunate event. But! Children are very resilient, the road to normalcy isn’t too far ahead. They have lots of questions and concerns and we’re here to answer them.

Do you know the child restraint laws in your state? I didn’t. I was still on the laws of our previous home state and NEVER thought to go over the laws of our new home state.😬😬 Well, they are totally different. A 100 dollar difference if you ask me. I’m not going into details or anything. Just check and make sure you’re following yours. Here’s a start http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/laws/safetybeltuse

As a teenager my mom used to remind me often that I would have to “drive for everybody” when I got on the road. After using all my super sleuth gadgets, no lies could be found. Ha! Defensive driving takes practice. Distracted driving? That shit HAS to be cut out. At some point people need to realize how precious life is and that it can be taken in a split second when riding on roads. We’re either always in a hurry or trying to juggle too many things at once. Shiiit! Make safe driving a tradition. Like eating at the table with family, gathering at grandma’s on Sundays, or family fish frys etc. As soon as you sit your ass in the driver seat your phone should be bluetooth enabled, in a dash mount, put that bih on silent if need be. Gotta see to the children? Pull over safely. Don’t be driving and reaching to the back. I have my older children assist in those times. Be mindful. Be present. Be careful. And remember. It CAN happen to you. Peace.

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