Hey boo Heyy!
Hmmm.. Where do I start? Mommy, entrepreneur, wife, sister, teacher, DIYer, doctor, referee, healer, solution sorceror, coach etc. So busy being a human Swiss Army knife I managed to forget who tf I am! Well, that’s why I’m here. After going back and forth in my mind about whether or not my thoughts would interest anyone, finally, I said to hell with it! Just do it Cokie!

From sunshine and palm trees on the peninsula to spaghetti highways and “ready or not here I come” pollen. Lots of lessons and surprises. Thankfully I’ve grown through them all.

On the family piece, issa team cuhzin! Yeah, you read that right. A team! The players? Mom & dad, 3 girls, 4 boys, 1 of whom is in spirit, and a hamster, Eclipse. Ain’t no contraception bih! Lmao! I love their company. I have the opportunity to be available to them full time. We garden, do random projects, talk about their businesses, coding projects, who wants to randomly cut their hair, engineering toys with rocket boosters, what’s on their mind and so much more! To say that I am grateful for the opportunity to be there when they need me is an understatement. Although it ain’t always pretty.
So welcome. Welcome to my space, my heart, my way, my thoughts, my roller coaster of emotions, my everything. Let’s get it cuhzins!


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