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Thirst Trappin’

Hey boo hey! Summer is here and I’m always thirsty. Are you? Thirsty for laws that ensure equal opportunity in this country and abroad for my people✊🏾, thirsty for my husband😜, and thirsty for some crisp, tasty water💦! So let’s address the thirst that brought me here. The water! [thun thun thu thunnnnnn] My family of 8 and I have been purchasing water for as far as I can remember. We’ve lived in some cities where the tap water was just horrendous! The water would be so hard you would think shower time included a snow storm because you’d be so ashy afterwards. At our most recent community they would come and work on the water lines without giving notice and the water was brown for hours on end. Waking up to brush your teeth with water that resembled toxic crusader pee is not where it’s at, you hear me?! So glad we’ve grown from that place. Any who. So we’re now to the point where purchasing water just needs to be a thing of the past. The plastic alone is just too much! My waste company does not offer recycling either.

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At the end of April, early May we decided to give a Brita faucet filter* a try. Thanks to the empty shelves at the grocery stores. According to Brita’s website you should be able to get 100 gallons of filtered water from each filter. Our first full month using this unit did not yield 100 gallons. We got 60 out of it. We fill a 5 gallon beverage dispenser* to evaluate usage and decrease the amount of half full cups of water sitting around (it’s working out nicely).

Now let’s look at whether or not this change has had any effect on our water costs. One filter yielded 60 gallons of filtered water. The cost of the filter was $25. That comes to about $.42 per gallon. The water we were buying costed $4.89 for 6 gallons. $.81 per gallon or $29.34 for 10 cases.. So our water cost has been almost cut in half AND we are using less plastic. Yes! To take it up a notch I add lemon peel or Himalayan pink salt & lime juice to alkalize. My babies tear up some water infusions. I am grateful for that. I will be continuing with the filters to see if we can ever get 100 gallons. I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if you make the switch. Peace.

Watermelon! A Secret Double Life?

Hey cuhzin! You feeling good in the neighborhood? All is lit over here.

So we purchased a HUGE seeded watermelon the other day. I put it in the fridge to get it, you know, chilled and ready for enjoyment. I was trying to think of why watermelon is so good for us to eat (you know I try to turn everydamnthang into a learning opportunity for your cuhzins). I did a bit of reading on the web that is so worldwide and found a few cool things.

I found that:

  • Watermelons contain an antioxidant called lycopene. Lycopene assists in the prevention of certain types of cancer & cardiovascular diseases, it prevents tumor growth, it reduces the appearance of aging of the skin, and lycopene can also play a role in osteoporosis prevention. The lycopene in watermelons is more concentrated than in tomatoes.
  • Watermelons are a fruit and a vegetable. The fruit family because it develops from the fruit ovary after flowering and holds the seeds. The vegetable family because it is a member of the cucumber family which includes gourds.
  • Watermelons have more than 1,200 varities (A square watermelon? Yes it exists!)
  • The whole thing is completely edible.
  • Watermelons are over 90% water

So get ’em while you can before they are out of season. The peak season runs from May through August. Although you can purchase the melons when not in season🤷🏽‍♀️.

We Were In A Car Accident

Errrrrrrrrrrr boom! Like, was I really thinking that sound was heard only on cartoons? Yeah, I was. I guess I’ll accept the “donkey of the day” award for that one. 😩😩

The emotions my children are going through is very heartbreaking. Ain’t no telling how long they’ll be traumatized by this unfortunate event. But! Children are very resilient, the road to normalcy isn’t too far ahead. They have lots of questions and concerns and we’re here to answer them.

Do you know the child restraint laws in your state? I didn’t. I was still on the laws of our previous home state and NEVER thought to go over the laws of our new home state.😬😬 Well, they are totally different. A 100 dollar difference if you ask me. I’m not going into details or anything. Just check and make sure you’re following yours. Here’s a start

As a teenager my mom used to remind me often that I would have to “drive for everybody” when I got on the road. After using all my super sleuth gadgets, no lies could be found. Ha! Defensive driving takes practice. Distracted driving? That shit HAS to be cut out. At some point people need to realize how precious life is and that it can be taken in a split second when riding on roads. We’re either always in a hurry or trying to juggle too many things at once. Shiiit! Make safe driving a tradition. Like eating at the table with family, gathering at grandma’s on Sundays, or family fish frys etc. As soon as you sit your ass in the driver seat your phone should be bluetooth enabled, in a dash mount, put that bih on silent if need be. Gotta see to the children? Pull over safely. Don’t be driving and reaching to the back. I have my older children assist in those times. Be mindful. Be present. Be careful. And remember. It CAN happen to you. Peace.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Cuhzin! I did it. I finally started my first blog in 2018. I’m so proud of myself(whoop whoop!). It’s been a long time coming I can tell you that much. The idea came to me when I started homeschooling my children. I wanted to document our journey and methods etc. I got discouraged when I saw that it was already being done. I moved on from the idea for a few years. One day I decided to put my electronics aside, meditate, and trust my mind to guide me in whatever was next for me. The blog idea came again. I acted on it and here I am. Who cares what others have to offer. They ain’t me! 😉 To pay for the fees associated with starting a blog I started delivering groceries. I have been home full time for about 3 years now and working for my own money to pay for my own project was very satisfying. What’s something you did for yourself that made you feel proud?

*Quick disclaimer. I don’t know about your other cuhzins, but I use plenty profanity ’round here. Shoot. I use profanity at home too. My children know they’re welcome to when they become adults. #judgeyamammy K?!

My life is all over the place ALL the time. I’ve recently become okay with that by practicing being present. Besides, who wants a cookie cutter life anydamnway? I am growing, evolving, obtaining new knowledge, sharing my knowledge (cause knowledge ain’t shit if you ain’t sharing it), wifing, mommying,entrepreneuring, and whatever the hell else I need to be on the daily.

I absolutely enjoy putting my own spin on things. Food, DIY projects, crafts, recipes, home remedies, commentary, hell just about anything. I guess it’s my therapy. Being a creator.

You know, I’ve always wanted (still do) to be in the company of REAL women (especially if they look like me) who aren’t afraid or ashamed to share their life lessons or struggles with other women. Like, cuhzin?🧐 We can’t grow through this together? I share what worked for me or you share what worked for you and we go from there. I believe women should be each other’s safe haven. Damn all that competing and catty bull jive.

Thank you for being here with me. If you have any questions, drop them in the reply section. If it’s private, my email addy is It’s open 365. 🤗

Man! I’m looking forward to the day that I can have an e-family reunion and all the cuhzins come and we enjoy each others company. All the jits, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, everybody. **Disclaimer: Some posts may include links where I earn commissions. There is no cost to you for using them.